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What improvement would you like to see in Wartune?

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    Originally posted by KS222 View Post
    The game is designed to milk players for cash. With that in mind, here are ways they can get richer and improve the game.

    1) Fix memory leaks and give players control over how much they cache and over graphics settings. This would help players who to not have new computers and awesome internet to play the game. Why is this important? It's safe to assume the whales all have new machines and good internet, but the whales are a minority of Wartune players. I'm a mere heavy casher and by BR, am ranked #51 in class wars. Considering the multiple platforms that host the game and the multiple time zones, it's fairly safe to guess that fewer than 1% of players qualify as whales and probably fewer than 10% of players would even qualify as heavy cashers. That said, I would have to think that thousands of small transactions would make the company a lot more money than dozens of big ones. Making the game work better for the majority of players would encourage more players to spend money, increasing overall profit.

    2) Fix known bugs. If you want people to spend a lot of money on your game, you need them to have faith in your product. I identify myself as a heavy casher, but fact is that if I wanted to, I could spend way more than I do. The reason I don't is the quality issues with the game. I enjoy playing, but have no faith that my character will not arbitrarily be stolen from me, nerfed, or inventory stolen from. As a matter of fact, bugs and glitches have stolen $4k worth of inventory items from me, with neither recourse nor compensation, even after I provided concrete evidence of the theft. I doubt I'm the only player who spends less due to the multiple issues with the game. If you want more money, fix the known issues, then add more for us all to cash on.

    3) Customer satisfaction. Currently, the customer service is a joke. We mostly get cut and paste garbage that may or may not even pertain to the issue we submitted the ticket about. No matter how much proof we have of the issue, 99999 times out of 100000, you get 0 compensation, just a message saying its with the devs and they may or may not deem to restore to you the assets which were stolen from you. I can understand the need for skepticism to avoid having con artists get a ton of casher stuff for free. However, we are paying customers and many of us have been legitimately ripped off by bugs, poorly translated item descriptions, incorrect/fraudulent skill descriptions, etc. As it is much easier to retain an existing customer than to get a new one, it makes sense that they should make more effort to keep the players already here happy.

    4) Server merges. This game has a high quit rate. Most of the new players quit once they hit that wall and feel they can't progress. Older players quit due to life, disgust with the game, updates making game so laggy its unplayable, etc. It seems right now, only the devs can decide when to merge a server and they set the bar painfully low (probably to force all the big $ to bail for a newer server rather than sit on a dead one getting nerfed by inability to get a group for dailies). This results in massive loss of paying customers. There are a lot of players who are not willing to start over, are not willing to spend all that money again. Pretty much, if you don't merge your older servers before everyone starts to give up, you have a lot of mid range to heavy cashers walking away for good.

    5) Communicate. Few things are more frustrating than just starting a run, only to discover maintenance is coming in 10 minutes. There was nothing posted on the forum about it, nothing in system messages or chat when you first logged in. Additonally, never knowing in advance what the next event will be causes people to refuse to spend. I don't have to have that new mount day 1. We've got 30 days to get it and sometime during that 30 days, there will be several events rewarding me for recharging and for spending that money. Since I don't know when those events are coming, I wait rather than spend. Gratz devs! You just shot yourself in the foot. Rather than spending on impulse, I ignore the vast majority of your sales while waiting for the must do event that may or may not come.

    6) Player feedback. We are given forums to post our comments, suggestions, ideas. Other players see them and volunteer working for R2 see them, but we hear nothing further. Allegedly, these suggestions are passed up the chain, but how far do they get? Are they even considered, or is this forum just a time sink to make vocal players feel like we've accomplished something? Everything past the volunteer squad (mods, R2Vets...Mentors now?, etc) is a vast wall of silence. We never hear from them, never see any evidence they notice our existence at all. It creates the impression we are totally ignored by the very people who supposedly are soliciting our ideas.
    Wonderfully and thoughtfully written.. and couldn't agree more.
    Nerfing the game will come under customer satisfaction; players want to enjoy the game, but they take it away,
    only to make life difficult for us :P Almost everything in wartune needs shard farming, taking alot more time to play then required of a day.
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      First of all get rid of all lags,Seccond of all respond for all that server merges rquests,and maybe some better events


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        a channel to be able to pm all guild members at one time--to plan statergy and get help--plan guild goals etc


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          Im missing the option " Better ways to manage a guild, internal forum, more space for announcements etc"


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            and more bag space and not so costly with bound balens


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              I think pretty much everything that has been said here. It would be nice if a mod could point this thread out to a GM. Although GM would probably ignore it.

              Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.


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                and can R2 PLEASE REMOVE THE EXP, that is NON SENSE for Non Vip players, instead of NON VIP like me can stay long on a particular lvl to get strong THAT EXP REWARDS is "sorry for this, I'm really ****** of with alot EXP reward" i call that ********, instead of Non Vip layers to grab those rewards well we can't, and we can then it will just give EXP after EXP and another EXP, u think that's FUN? we got ourselves kicked by strong players who are Majority VIP players, PLEASE R2, REMOVE THAT EXP rewards