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    Been a while since i gave some so here is my list.

    Class Wars :
    Go back to the original set up. The new one gaurantees only big cashers can ever win. Used to be with a bit of strategy non cashers and moderate cashers could sneak a win from the big boys. Now its only about money and not fun for most people. Also let glory crystals carry over. These two issues are the main reason only about 10% of our merged super server participated in the latest CW.

    Items trade :
    There are so many items in the game that become worthless ofter while. Long term players are now storing huge amounts of stuff in inventory (20k fate stones, 50k SC, 30k dragon souls, 50k sand) it would be nice to trade these for the updated versions Ie the old soul crystals for the new ones. the old fate stones for the new ones. 100-1 trade would be better than continuing to hold them.

    Drop some time consuming boring stuff:
    tanks, circuit quests, are a few that come to mind quickly

    Hero level MPD:
    Instead of limiting the number of runs in hero level why not just double the stamina used. 10 normal level runs for 200 stamina or 5 hero level.

    Atoll boss:
    This seemed cool when it started now it just plain sucks the life out of the game. A boss always seems to happen during events on our server, and the rewards are horrible if you do not finish in the top three. Here are some thoughts on it.
    1. change the reward system to allow players to get decent rewards for top 10 groups.
    2. pay out no matter how many groups participate
    3. do set times to avoid conflict
    4 make the title a week long title so top groups will be more willing to split up and play with others once they get the title (especially if rewards are adjusted)
    5. Shorten the time it takes for the event. rewards are definitely not worth the time spent to kill it

    Blessing of Gods, Gift of Gods, Soul seals.
    These things are way to hard to get, either give us an item trade/upgrade, space or event, or replace soul crystals and luck stones in some events and activity rewards.

    I have an gaming comp and 10gig modem and still get lagged with all the **** graphics, the hears, snow flakes, fireworks, flapping wings, all drag on systems and slow us all down, get rid of this ****. It will improve game play for alot of people.

    Partner with a live streaming media service like pandora and let listeners chose in game music. I know this will probably never happen but it would take wartunes to an entirely new level of online gaming.

    Guild vault:
    Make it bigger, a second page would be nice, in fact almost no changes have been made guilds since i started nearly 2 years ago, how bout a second guild page for vault to be opened by like before, expanding guild skills and taking all buildings to level 20. Put new items in guild store like sylph items, mount items, ect.

    Hope someone will acutally look at this and make a discussion with game developers.

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    Item trade and guild vault is a very good idea.