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Remake event (Sylph Tamer)

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    Originally posted by zigi95 View Post
    *** you ****** cachers
    Completely free player (no VIP), and I have three purple sylphs. The game is a mix of luck and making the right choices for your toon--I sincerely hope you have more of both in the future.
    IGN: Swinella
    Class: Mage
    lvl: 80
    BR: 600k-ish+sylph+Useless kid
    Server: Kabam s79
    Completely free player. No VIP.


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      Originally posted by Wraithraiser View Post
      Don't need cash to be smart, learn that and you'll get stronger.
      I've always liked your posts... and this is why. No nonsense and sensible
      Kalydia - Level 80 - 1.98k br Archer - Kabam 57 WEST
      Guild: Paradox
      Eudaemon: Eddie - Lvl 8 Oracle Mage - 1.3k br
      Syphs: 80 Herc - Flashpoint- 127k br
      80 Triton - Undertow 93k br
      80 Venus - Precision 113k br
      80 Gaia - Judgenjury
      80 Medusa - Backdraft


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        I have 2 free toons with 3 purples and about to have the 4th on both of them. I played for long (started in July 2013) so it is possible with time.

        Originally posted by Omniscient2 View Post
        Easy if you spend like 1000 a day on the game then sure, but i highly doubt it's easy to make purple or orange sylphs with out cashing or cashing very little.


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          need to be lucky with event boxes and dimensions to get a gold sylph for free. no I don't have any gold sylph yet and won't worry about an orange until the purples are max enchanted, so still got a long way to go.

          Originally posted by care90 View Post
          if u played since the sylphs were introduced u could have a free gold sylph already, i know since i got it


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            You can't have 5 dimensions with zero cash yet. The VIP trial cards can't get you the VIP level you need to have 5 active dimensions. Now they have nerfed dimension rewards so it's even harder. But I agree it doesn't take forever for a few purples.

            Originally posted by sprog View Post
            This is inaccurate at minimum. 5 Dims opened with chests gives you minimum of 25 spec and Mahra a day from basic. No ones gonna have 5 basic they'll have at least a couple intermediate. 25 a day times 30 is 750 Mahra a month. That does not include any other source including the hundreds of free chests a month, skytrail ect ect. It costs 1665 Mahra to turn a Sylph purple. Events give a 25% bonus in other words 25 Mahra for every 100 used plus the blessing. If you take 30% of 1665 as bonus(slightly conservative) then around 1200 mahra to begin with gets you purple approximately. A month to 2 months max. Frankly a month or 5 weeks should do it.

            That is zero cash!!!