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i dont like what is happening

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    I think atm game is killing medium casher mostly and that's one of the reason that made me stop cash. I used to spend 10k balens/month or so but with that amount i won't go anywhere with those kind of event/big spender/recharge so it's basically the same for me to just don't cash at all. About free player, they ofc are falling behind more and more on pvp but that's obvious, still free player get much more now then they used to get 1 year ago.


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      Originally posted by R22956380 View Post
      I was considerate of this thread up until this ^...what...are you asking for it to be THAT easy to have high lv equipment and sylphs?
      I wouldn't call that hard work...and if its sarcasm, then my bad, but you said yourself you want to grind to higher lvs....

      But that is also a bad idea..there are multiple lv 80 people in my server (a test server) that are weak as those half their level...had a guy leave my guild because not many would bother carrying him through the dungeons every single day...which is why being able to grind up to 80 in a day is a HORRIBLE idea...what would you even gain? yes you gain access to everything the game offers essentially, but you'll become one of those trying to get in on the big groups...who will (not surprisingly) probably not want to do that. and even if you get to run those new instances, you get destroyed because you are lvled without the stats behind it.

      Balens arent so difficult to come by now, come on now. DW has been an amazing source for me, and cloud adventures is even better if you are lucky with the magic dice gamble.

      crypt keys...again, are you serious? its been mentioned just about everywhere that buradoth (and hero mode) is the dungeon to blitz if you want crypt keys....otherwise you can use some BB from above sources to buy a few.

      The battlegrounds by BR is also contradictory...yes, it makes end game players confined to eachother, but then the problem lies midfield...players who know how to build their toons beyond jut what their levels are, will be faced with other players who potentially unlocked other things...there was a guy in my guild for the longest time didnt want to level past for a good long while he never even had a sylph, yeah he was great in bgs, but then got destroyed once other things started coming out.

      If you want rewards for hard work, then you gotta figure it out. im dominantly a free player (bought wings and blue apollo at some point woopdeedoo) and a decent contender amongst the top players in CW and such...there is much to learn if you are willing to learn it.

      trying to be constructive as I can be, because I know I used to feel the same, but there are things you can do for yourself, to make the game experience better.

      Good luck.
      unless you are on oceanic thats impossible to contend with top players for cw if you are on oceanic just know your servers are abnormal and most of your top 40-100 wont make every other time zones last i checked


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        Originally posted by Tranc3motion View Post
        This game does reward hard work. Get a job, work hard, make money, and buy balens.
        Then you wont have time for wartune if you plan on getting a full time job. Wartune requires you to be on at least 12 hrs a day in order to do well.


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          I think u guys and gals are disillusioned
          whether u are super high on beer or on illegal drugs hipster trollers or ppl with special needs
          or u are so into the age of the youngster mentality of the world is fair make love not war
          I want and I want it now freely with lots of spoonfeeding

          Where does it comes to the point that U without spending or spending 100 usd on ur entire wartune gaming time that only play like 1/2 year or 3 months

          Is EVER EVER going to compete and WIN with those that spends a few hundred thousand usd or those that played this game for 2 years or more (without spending much )

          So grow up or wise up either way as long as u are in the game playing ppl will shove the cold hard brutal truth down ur throat

          U ARE ABLE TO PLAY THIS GOD FORSAKEN GAME FREELY without spending a single dime that's about it
          Nobody nothing tells u that u can always win all other ppl that play this game
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            i think what i said was not taken rite as for the hard work and lvling as fast as we want to lets have an example on another game i worked hard and capped at 120 in a little over a month in that time i did gears and everything else and was in the top 10 on the server usually top 3 i did it all in just over a month simply because everything is obtainable in game as long as you work for it we have shops where we can sell in game items for real money currency and obtain anything we want for working for it im not saying i wish to lvl fast to 80 and be weak im saying we should be able to go out and get what we want if we choose to do so


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              Wartune isn't a game; it is an internet scam


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                Originally posted by R23119486 View Post
                slowly this game is turning into a cash only game, whatever happened to being rewarded for hard work and not how much money you spend,i have quests i cannot do because you need 3 crypt keys per day to do necro and you very rarely get 1 in game. and then this is the first game i ever seen that limits the amount of exp you can get per day why not give us maps with monsters that give decent exp that we can grind or more dungeon attempts? and the best idea maybe give us more events that dont require balens to do them.....also just throwing this out there maybe separate bg by battle rating to even it up more for the people that don't spend a ton of cash on games
                I didn't like it either at first but discovered its not as bad as it looks. There are special items that can be earned from events. I've earned Special Clothing thanks to the coin of ancestry events where the coins can be exchanged for special items. BBs are possible to attain at high levels thanks to the Hero mode of solo dungeons and daily check-ins. Crypt Keys aren't as easy to obtain as when I first started but did save up some just in case. I like the experience gain because I can put them toward leveling up talents. I don't run underground mazes daily just when I can dedicate time to concentrate on them. I don't mind the events now that seem to promote cashing because it gives me one less thing to worry about.


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                  and for the seperating bg and stuff by BR some of us are old school avid gamers who dont spend any money on the games we play and would enjoy doing bg and other stuff and not having to deal with the players that spend 10k on the game before they hit lvl 40


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                    they will never seperate bg by br... too easy to take advantage of especially since br is a horrible represenation of your str and everyone with poorly built toons would complain or would complain about high end players nerfing themselves down into lower brackets


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                      to OP: i agree with the crypt keys part. only got lvl 11 CHARISMA transpo. none else
                      but everything else, i disagree. BG by BR is especially ****. asking unli exp per day is contradictory to your desire to dominate bg. there are alot of events that are for free players as well.

                      just to share my experience in my server, dominated bgs in lvl 58-59 (120k br). then leveled up to 80s, and took advantage of bg bug (puts lvl 60s and 70-80s in 1 bg), where i slaughtered a lot. too bad i *part omitted* that resulted me being sent to sft instead. also, i'm able to enter CW finals (rank 100 in br, rank 50+ in score). between top 11-20 br in server. and all these as a free player.

                      i'd say: put your resources efficiently (gold, items, time), play smartly and it will yield results similar or close to a light-moderate casher. but i'll admit: free players have almost, if not at all, no chance of beating active hard cashers. that's all.
                      S292 Archer level 46
                      35k BR (with blessing wheel)
                      August 23, 2013 - November 3, 2013 (R.I.P)

                      S479 Knight Level 80
                      283k BR (blessed), 40k from sylph (02-28-15)
                      May 23, 2014 - March 16, 2015 (will return later on)

                      Proud non-casher non-VIP


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                        The game is a business, pure and simple. Businesses exist to make money. However, Wartune will never be a casher only game as mentioned by the original poster. Here's why: Non-cashers are essential to this businesses bottom line. As the non-cashers get stronger, it forces the cashers to spend money if they want to stay ahead of the non-cashers and remain powerful. Items come out in the game such as mounts, clothing, sylphs, etc ~ a certain niche of people purchase those items because they want to be stronger than the rest ~ 6 months or so down the road, those same items are given away for free to the non-cashers via events or coin of ancestry prizes. This forces the cashers who want to remain more powerful than the rest to buy future mounts/clothing sets mahra/sepulcrum etc etc. And so the cycle goes on and on and on...

                        Power is the name of the game. And power can be very addictive. Once you feel superior to everyone else in anything, be-it a sport, profession or hobby, it can be very hard to let that go; and letting it go in Wartune essentially means not spending any more money. Thus, in Wartune, the non-cashers are essential in keeping the cashers spending and the cashers are essential in keeping the game open and available to the non-cashers. So it's a reciprocal relationship between the two. Neither one can exist in this business model without the other for very long.
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                          To me, players have their own choice to become strong or weak, and each has their own world and community. There's no need to compare unless they cash (or non-spend) to the same extent. But then there are still so many parts of this game forcing people to base their gain on others' loss. BG/SFT, plundering in the wilds & mines, etc. just to name a few. The looters don't necessarily enjoy harming other people for rewards; they are just forced to do that. Of course, there's the dark side of human nature, and there are people who bully others for fun. Some players are probably upset in real life and want to gain some fake elitism in game because they have no feeling of success or dominance in real life, and some others are just bullies out of habit or psychological disorder. Allowing such people in game with normal people is scary, especially when they encounter weaker players, but they do exist. In this case, it's not about power imbalance in game; it's about human interaction.


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                            That's the exact reason why we need both big and small players, and both spenders and non-spenders in game, and the reason why I feel both are equally important and both shall receive equal retention. Non-spenders drive business in same way as spenders; they just don't spend the money directly. Without them, the cashers would have less incentive to spend.

                            The only issue I see is that some have little respect towards the other group. Some free players whine and curse the cashers who outperform them. Some cashers feel they rule and have little respect towards free players. I feel like both sides shall put this flame off. After all, we are all just one player in this game, and just playing the game the way we want to play. Strong or weak, spender or not, we are here for fun and shall get the fun we are expecting.

                            Originally posted by OhBummer View Post
                            Thus, in Wartune, the non-cashers are essential in keeping the cashers spending and the cashers are essential in keeping the game open and available to the non-cashers. So it's a reciprocal relationship between the two. Neither one can exist in this business model without the other for very long.