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Sacred fire temple

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  • Sacred fire temple

    Hi there. Is any quest need to done to unlock this sacred fire temple?? Cuz i dont have it.
    Is not a lvl limit, because im lvl 76 and dont have it, top warrior on my server have it and is lvl 70.
    Or is a limit BR when u get it, like ppl under 150k br cant see it? top play here is 200k br, im 115k and dont have it.

    I never get it, it appear on chat sacred fire temple is now open but is not show on icons to enter ony bg.
    PS: i dont play wartune from yesterday to don't know about events but this is weird. I really dont know why i
    can't get it

    Any info about it pls?? on google nothing , no info. Thank you!
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    is same thing BG or temple sacred
    dont worrie


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      I can help you. In order to access the sacred fire temple you need to be level 70+ But that's just the start.' There is a quest that needs completing, that encompasses two kills in the normal battle ground. Once you complete this quest, the next time you will be taken into the sacred fire battle ground and every battle ground from then on.

      If you have never had this quest or received it, try a flash cache and cache refresh/clear to see if its just a display issue, if the quest still doesn't appear a ticket may need be sent. Also if you have completed this quest before and have not ever been taken into the sacred fire let us know. The more information we have the easier for us to help

      Try your battlegrounds today and let me know, thanks!
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        Oh the quest with kill 2 ppl target in battleground unlock the sacred temple. thanks.
        well i stop doing bg after i got 71+ , only 200k br+ there thx for info magik ty vm!

        @ THORR_S3 : is not same
        I come from a world that you don't understand!


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          man, dont go bg unless u have 300k BR ++ for 70-74 or 75-79

          u should keep doing normal bg, its only less than 250k a lot of them, if u searching for honor should be dont complete that quest... :v
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            it people are looking for honor only, yes, it's better to avoid going to temple. Better stay in battleground
            but temple give good rewards like soul seal. even low BR if they are on the winning side will win them (and a few too if they are on losing side)
            so it depend of what you want to get.
            and temple was more dangerous when it was added as it was easy to lose lot of honor. now, the biggest BR have high honor and even losing mean generally 10 honor lost.
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              Lvl up to 80 and come to big temple...we love fresh meat with 115k br