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Marriage system with Bound Balens

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  • Marriage system with Bound Balens

    Hello Wartune,
    May I request one thing?Could you please change marriage system with bound balens?What's different between real balens and bound balens in marriage?Because I'm non cashier and I can't use my VISA card in my country(it's sanction by USA).I try with VPN and other proxy skipper add-ons but nothing work coz they know card pin no from which country.I think if you can change real balens to bound balens in wartune there will be more couple and it's good relationship in game.It's not easy to save bound balens(don't worry to get married easily to everyone).I try to save bound balens and I get 2k bound balens in 4month. Your new events (CLoud Adventure) was totally good support to get bound balens and I want to say thanks for that.So can I request WT team to change real balens with bound balens in marriage system?

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