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  • I've just been wondering...

    ... what would happen if all of us players (or at least the ones from the same site - eg: all Kabam players) stopped cashing for, let's say, one or two weeks - maybe more - as a... protest?*

    No cashing at all. OK for VIP if it's still ongoing, but no purchases whatsoever, not even by using BB.

    Leaving aside all the "if(s)" and "but(s)", what do you think would happen? Would anything change?

    * (bad customer support, lag, bugs, etc.)

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    I do not think anything would have changed since R2, Kabam etc are not developers of wartune. R2 providers support and host English version of the game but they rely on the Developers for new content and bug fixes. I think if it went on for longer then things would change but trying to get everyone to do that would be hard.

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      Do you know what i was wondering... if all kabam players were pitted against kabam... and R2 were pitted against R2... bc all i see in arena is kabam and i'm sorry but your lag and rune haxxory makes me almost ragequit, well, until my farm is done!
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        such childish protest are just nothing but a bump on the road.
        even if we managed to bring the ga down, it wont affect R2 much. they still have craploads of other games to make money from. heck, this game isnt even R2's but pro-city's.
        the one who actually lose if the game shut down are the players.
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          that 'protest' won't work xD game will move on.. you're not such a huge loss..
          ooo naww, you didn't. you gotta be trollin' me o_O


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            Should try it stop cashing and see if they fix the bugs....

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