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Wings or cloths or sockets and battle rating

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  • Wings or cloths or sockets and battle rating

    between wings ,cloths, socket rods what will make me the strongest ? i am level 45 and my BR is a small 20k for some reason i have seen players with lower levels then me having more then 25k br, i have crotian armor helmet weapon and necklace 3 out of 4 is legendery equipment and all have 1 or 2 sockets unlocked with all having 1 level 4 PATK gem and some having a HP gem with it.
    but i still do not understand why am i so weak in BR. in astral i have 1 pristine force and a refined willpower/brilliance/fortitude.
    so can someone help me please tell me exactly between cloths/wings/socketing rods what will boost my BR the most , i have 1k bound ballen and i am saving more from daily check in and SSS map completetion

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    Socket rods. Get them from guild altar spins. Get gems from jewel hunt, if that is unlocked for you. Save everything you get , and wait for the right event to use it.
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      Open up all sockets,use HP,PATK,MDEF,PDEF gems level 4 would just work fine,but high level ones do better,L5/6/7

      Mounts,get lots of them,

      Guild skills,max them

      Astrals,strive to get orange/pristine or red with some luck

      High level wings,clothes

      Good Luck!
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