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    Wartune Company Policy Highlights itself once again : Missinformation Combined with Huge Cashtrap.


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      Originally posted by ancev View Post
      They changed the "guide" on mythic sylphs. Apparently moon rock/dust don't drop from maze anymore, they drop from your wallet along with 1k $, oh wow amazing.
      Wow so surprising!!1 >_>


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        Originally posted by MiniDD View Post
        Lucky mate u that won one transposer... most people i talked in my server... won s.hit like u can see in that pic. Explain me... for what we need be 80 and class advance?? to win 70 legends??? is wartune kidding us??
        Where are our rewards from this event.... where we won 6 war flags... We all must have 2 free attempts and all must pay for do and to win that ****. Then they dont understand why people quit or stop paying... is normal seeing that s.hit.
        I wish it was a different type of gem, though, since I already have hp lvl 9. Or no lvl 9 at all, since I just convert all to hp until lvl 11.
        But yup, the drops are the most ridiculous thing about the maze; maybe a few people who rushed to advanced may still need 80 gear stuff, but 70? They need to change that asap. lol