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Level up button to Wartune

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  • Level up button to Wartune

    Hey guys, why don't you put a "level up button" in game, just like Shadowbound?! Would be good to level up for 40, 50 and so on with all the Crypt Coins without concern about the exp gained. With this we could do all sort of things, like the daily quests, everyday.
    Wartune, a game that get worst each new maintenance... ¬¬

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    Why not just put a button that completes every single thing in the game. Thus you only have to play it once and then you can quit since you done everything already.


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      Ok Omniscient2, did you understood me? I'm not talking about a button to level up without gain exp or a 'do all button' in game, I'm talking about to level as soon as the total exp required have meet the the total, so I decide when to level up or no. In the current game exp system, we run away from any event that gives exp, cause the game automatically up your next level.
      Wartune, a game that get worst each new maintenance... ¬¬


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        Yeah but if your way happens.
        Then you only get campers and half the game will not be used by most. .


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          I think no, the Shadowbound game has this function and I never saw that problem there, ok I've played few time and I reckon there is some tough guys with a lot of br in low level, but that isn't problem for whom level up and get new stuff. In wartune I'm lv38 atm and I only have 500 crypt coins, I need 2880 coins to get the complete set 40 with legend jewels e rings, so while i dont have that amount of coins, I'll hold level cause I cant go catacombs no more. I think that is the cause there is so much campers in battlegroud and arena, the guys gather resource enough to up to next level and end up so much strong at low level.
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          Wartune, a game that get worst each new maintenance... ¬¬


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            I also see so much players at lv50 using equipament set 30 .
            Wartune, a game that get worst each new maintenance... ¬¬


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              That is because they camp and can't get stuff to make higher level equipment.

              People should just level. . camping is boring and unnatural.
              And with the level up button everybody will camp and wait and then a lot of the game won't be usefull.
              or only a few people will do it. .