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Slowdown on making new servers.

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  • Slowdown on making new servers.

    This may be an impossible suggestion since well that is your biggest money maker. However, if you want this game to survive for years to come then you really need to cooldown on creating new servers. What needs to happen right now are server merges. So many low population servers and it is very hard to get any kind of party for any 40+ dungeon to do. Your gamers want to enjoy this game and how can they when their are like 200 ppl at most per server now. Lack of social aspect, lack players to do any kind of partying, and lack of fun in the end. Maybe create a few more Oceanic servers but please stop for while with the new West and East servers. We have way more than enough. What is the fun of being on the top ranks if there are like 10 ppl to compete with. You are doing a great job with the cross server arena next patch but there needs to be more. You need to merge the low population servers and start to bring some life into this game again. When this game was in Beta and even up to you made 6 servers or so. The game was still running on a good beat. Now with over 50 servers no one can have a good time since most players are ditching there old for a new. Newer players also get confused when they join since they have no clue which server they should pick.

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    agree,its a waste to have a lot of servers with low population.


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      i agree with this gets boring with low population on servers


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