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  • strongest nonbalen noncasher

    i wanna know the limits of nonbalen noncash players

    can u show me examples
    give me BR and age of char pls
    Level 49 Archer
    BR 150k

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    780k br, 2 months.


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      400-450k...ya we non cashers r weak :P
      Non casher Psuedo-non casher Light Casher Medium Casher Heavy Casher God Casher


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        I am at 420k can post pictures later. 70k br sylph.

        I have not played much for the past 7 months and have fallen behind. I would not be surprised by 450 - 500k noncashers with 90k - 100k sylphs


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          nonbalen noncasher seems to mean a lot of things to a lot of people but the common denominator is that they all spend, usually a lot


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            im light casher on my server and my friend i run with never spent a penny and non vip is lv80 140kBR this is 5 month old server....ok 140k is weak for lv 80 but i dont think he cares as he plays for fun and dosent spend even 1$ im light casher and let me tell u it dosent make much a difference if u dont cash thousands theres 70kBR difference between me and him and i spent over 1k$ throug out the few months been playing i just get clothing packs that looks cool now and lowest rewards in big spender if u have a good internet speed and pc and run all u can daily you can be as strong as a light casher in the end those who dont quit the game comes out on top casher or not


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              Originally posted by Tony944 View Post
     friend i run with never spent a penny and non vip is lv80 140kBR this is 5 month old server....
              thanks for reply. very useful

              i would like some input from noncasher/balen that are playing for 2 years already. What br they have reached?
              Level 49 Archer
              BR 150k


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                Originally posted by kevs926 View Post
                thanks for reply. very useful

                i would like some input from noncasher/balen that are playing for 2 years already. What br they have reached?
                450/500k with orange pet.


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                  Originally posted by SlowPlay View Post
                  450/500k with orange pet.
                  its pretty accurate id say since cashers have 700k++ that have been playing for 2 years+


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                    I have only bought vip and been playing... 2 years almost I guess? 270k+sylph br(300-330k)

                    But you can reach that in 1 year now is my guess. I still don't have max dragon soul, fate, or high ss level(7-8), saving resources for event, so my actually br if I use all might be 300+ sylph br?


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                      Strongest one on my server is 430ish. But think she might've done some surveys for some balens. No cash, tho. Her account is also 2.5 years old. Also doesn't have an orange slyph. I really doubt any player who has not spent balens has an orange slyph. Not so much because they would directly buy mahra, but just because they will not be in the strongest tier on their server, so can't really vie for events that give a bunch as rewards or get deeply into pve things which would benefit you. That said, as more months with dimension rewards pass, you might see some nonbalen players with oj slyphs.

                      There's 1-2 light cashers in the 480s (sub $100 spent), but yeah, also 2 years or more of playing.


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                        s243 arche hes an archer lvl 56 160k br almost now he hasnt spent a dime and how do i k now this because we both been playing for about 2 years


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                          orange sylph=155750 mahra

                          no cash? no way even the 16750 for purple is pushing it without playing for years. in the meantime, you are being repeatedly killed by cashers that you will literally never come close to catching up (or competing with at all) on a daily basis


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                            2 year + old server
                            absolutely free non-casher, no vip, no balens, and no free balens from surveys
                            (also horrible luck with event chests only got 1 in the thousands i have opened).

                            Click image for larger version

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                            my sylph could be 5 star purple if i focused on one instead of spreading out. orange is completely plausible.

                            mount str is 12k and got 50 untrained lvls in str more in everything else
                            lvl 6 clothes, lvl 5 wings
                            highest holy cast is 2-2

                            i could easily have another 20k+ br if i played more consistently the past 6 months. got 200 hammers in my inv and no stoves from not doing ab, clothes being more refined(got lvl 25 fishing that i stopped doing), stopped doing dimensions daily, haven't done wb in months etc...


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                              I never used them.
                              I never have been motivated enough to spend a penny , a game wich has a staff that that spends most of its time buriying their brains in the comfort of ignoring complainits and cooking up as many bugged and corrupted events as possible , while in the meantime ( and ofc this is a batman story)
                              Until a fellow gamer recharged my no cash/no vip account for 500 ballens , i didn't even know what the ** to do with em , so i got the the mire rune from dimension for 160 ballens.
                              Oh ** i'm ranting and drunk,...,.,.
                              anyway 410k ho
                              top mage somehow , come to kabam 59 and beat the carp outta me.
                              By the way.