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    369kBr..non casher non balen....S2...2years and 7months old
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      2y old account, but the character I started playing again from 12k br around 1y ago. Never cashed, no surveys or vips. 252k br (after blessings) with 50k 3* purple sylph at lvl71. Holding level till I hit over 300k br or complete the full lvl70 set. If you dont cash, there is still hope for you. Just need to know when to do what and how much time you can spend on a particular lever. I spend 7 months on lvl69 building from 120k to 220k br so its possible. Never give hope.

      Name: NightFer
      Server: S183
      Class: Mage
      Level: 80
      BR: 3mil+
      Guild: Fallen
      Status: Free Player 100%


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        We have a lot of players in the 300k - 450k range that don't seem to be cashers (no VIP, no obvious spending), but I am not 100% sure how many have never, ever spent a single balen. This is a game where its possible to spend thousands of dollars and still suck; just depends on what you spend on. Orange quality sylph is possible non cash; depends on luck and events (have the right stuff at the right time and you can make bank on a good event).
        There was a player in bg who was 520k BR and claimed to be non cash. Rather hard to believe, but if he's from an older server and had very good luck with events, could be true.


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          1 year and 5 months +-
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          Kabam S49 (Merged with S16 and Merged with S26)
          80lv - 2.615k+ BR with Hecate and Eudaemon
          ** orange Hecate (Savana) - 169k+ BR , 10lv Knight (ErzaScarlet) Eudaemon 1.620k+ BR
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            just means you dont have to cash to get strong

            pls rethink when cashing
            Level 49 Archer
            BR 150k


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              Possible to be strong? Sure, likely? Not unless you're character is more than a year old. Since the experience cap has been lowered it is nearly impossible to obtain a decent br before lvl 80 without cashing. Especially since all events have experienced in them now. My 2+ year old toons were developed much differently than my new toon.

              Even if you are a 2+ year old toon you need tons of luck. As a light casher for the past 2 years I am only sitting at 8k mount strength, and still do not have any level 10 gems (I don't buy keys).

              Just remember: a lot of ppl will claim to not cash when they actually do.


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                Just remember: Git Gud.