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Alchemy apparatus?

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  • GiordanoT88
    started a topic Alchemy apparatus?

    Alchemy apparatus?

    I was just thinking that maybe it would be nice to get an alchemy apparatus somewhere or a new tab in the Blacksmith where we could synth and upgrade potions the same way we do with gems and such. Low level potions become quite obsolete after a while - but they still take item slots in the inventory. In this way, we could recycle them.

    4 lvl 2 potions could become a lvl 3 potion, or we could convert one potion into another, blah blah blah...

    Just sayin'.

  • Dennink
    Yeah would not mind being able to synth potions to level them up.
    And being able to convert them would not be bad either. .

    I know a lot of people who just sell level 1 and 2 potions.
    i often just use them on spire or other **** like that.

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  • rangelaeyes
    Reading the title and the first sentence of your post I thought you meant something like an alchemy bag or something, but a use for weak potions would be great. +1 for this idea.

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