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  • XDriveTurbo
    started a topic essentials and ideas

    essentials and ideas

    One of the most essential things is a hide-player button for world boss because most people have so much lag and they lose hits.Many of them said this before but nobody solved this.Hope someone will do it.
    There is something more:some players have a lot of mahra,sepulcrums,fate stones,sylph equipment shards and many other things that can help them raise their battle rating but they already have maxed the things with those items.I propose an exchange or something better:new synthethizable items.For example,from 10 sylph equipment shards you could make a divinity shard,a mahra or a sepulcrum and so on...
    There should be an extra button to hide damage because in arena gets very laggy after some fights.
    Here is a big idea:you should be able to transfer sepulcrums and mahras from a sylph to another one.For example if you have a purple sylph and you want another one,you could transfer from the first and let it stock(empty).By that I mean from purple 3 stars and 3k sepulcrums to wihte 1 star and 0 sepulcrums.Combining sylphs at low levels would be nice.I saw that some already have combined sylphs.
    Get rid of exp from hot events rewards.Some players don`t want to level up;or make it optional.
    A downloadable client for all sites and servers would be nice,even like it is now.It would be better to experience the game like a mmorpg.


    I play on kabam server 38 : Ayzen
    P.S. : let a comment if u have new ideas.i hope that someone will see this post and do something
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  • jbyram2
    All good ideas, except for the mahra sep transfer. Once you had enough mahra to evolve one sylph, you would have enough to evolve them all, just transfer and repeat. Choose your path carefully, there is no undo. That is one frustrating aspect of the game, to be sure, but life is like that also.

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  • GiordanoT88
    +1 to the "Hide players" in WB. I'd put it in Guild Beast too - the lag there is atrocious. I don't see why they haven't implemented this yet, it's a win-win for everyone.

    Haven't maxed anything yet but an idea to recycle "obsolete" items would be nice. First thing that comes into my mind, some kind of furnace where we can burn items we don't need and get Bound Balens in exchange. The highest the rarity of the items and the quantity of items selected, the more BB you get. Just sayin'...

    Hiding damage in arena would be a bit annoying: somehow you need to see the dmg output. Relying on those small HP bars (the enemies') is not accurate IMHO. An option to see all players "naked" - with basic equipment - while in arena would be nice though: no auras, no wings, no hearts/bolts/feathers/bats. Same BR and skills, just no equipment on = less lag. Less lag = ace.

    Sadly they won't remove EXP from events. They want to push players to level up. The more you level up recklessly/by accident, the higher the probability (for them - maybe) that you'll be pushed to cash in order to fix what you messed up.

    Oh and the idea to transfer Mahras and Sepulcrums from one sylph to another is awesome. There's a similar options with heroes in League of Angels - some sort of rarity, training thing, can't remember, but it's nice because you don't waste anything that way.

    I hope they'll think about it.

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