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    I am not a user of this astral but i really think this astral is just useless now with the new star coming out. I can explain you in many ways but i think you know why it is useless anymore. I believe you must buff it to make at least +60%-70% more dmg in 10lvl or you will not see any real player again using it now with the new crit+pen astral. Thank you!

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    Proposed solution to EDW problem

    I have a solution for this, and I posted a similar thread/suggestion not long ago. Make an new astral that is an EDW counterpart, like Summer God for Critical that does the following: Disable critical and + 2% per level in extra damage AND has penetration of x per level same as summer god. This way if EDW and the new astral are BOTH equipped then the combined bonus ( both lvl 10) would be Disable Critical, +70% damage (50+20) AND Penetration boost of X (same as lvl 10 Summer God).