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Astral for knights?

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  • Astral for knights?

    We all know that the main astral for mage is matak+pen and secondary crit+pen, main astral for archer is patak+pen and now is crit+pen, knights got no major star now that there are so many penatrates and are useless to play them tanky because of so much penetration. If you want to see tanky warriors again you better make a resistance star against penetration or stat vs the penetration or make a major life star that can help fighters too. I personally left defences and work only with percentage defences like refined goddess etc because in arenas you are useless against someone who got both pen stars so % defences are all you need... Also i hope you made tha scale up of critical chance more difficult with the new crit star. You can find it mathematically and let the other classes have smaller crit chance than archer and make him more unique but to have the same crit chance in lvl80 almost as if he wasn't wearing this star before the new patch. Have something in mind for general changes in game balances?