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  • Guild treasury

    I realize the upset to a video games currency, that can happen when trading becomes an option. I used to play a game where they had companies that their sole purpose was to gather the game currency and sell it online. I have seen it where an auction house (in-game) has been turned upside down by these type of farmers. I'm not looking for anything like this. I would like to see our guild loyalty shown here. How so you say? Lets get a guild treasury. Don't need the 70,000 soul crystals? how about handing them off to someone that can use them!! I realize that even this would require some formatting to make it semi-difficult to do this. People work hard to get items and sometimes we have stuff we dont need a second time around. For example purposes, I would like to show how this still works to wartunes benefit. Say a low level character finally gets into a guild. This toon is drastically behind on so many things that at level 20, they have 600 br. Please remember this is just a hypothetical example.... Say this person remains in the guild for 1 month (the required time by wartune to prevent fraud of guild hopping for treasury) and barely moves up in br. Now, in this months time, this person somehow meets all the requirements that wartune sets in place for the treasury option and they scarf up all the supplies (which will probably anger other guild members anyway) and this person has a surplus of items they cant even use... it will not thrust them to the top of the br list since even with all the trinkets and doodads, there are still things needed in order to make them useful. Just today, I tossed a level 11 hp transposer. I know of 5 people off the top of my head that need that item.
    Or, maybe make a barter system that is still guild only.

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    then people will make alts and pass junk to the alts in their alt guild