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    And there isn't any need to buy vip, given that you can collect 1hr vip trial cards from underground palace and use them at the appropriate time:
    Just before server reset, to collect the extra 2 event chests from login bonus, and after server reset, collect again
    Extra dimension occupancy maybe? But doesn't seem that necessary to me, cuz again, you still need more time to do dimensions.
    Extra 2 devotion spins really doesn't make any difference, given that the devotion wheel reward is rigged to give things like: 1 mahra
    Maybe just for another shot to get fashion core from devotion wheel...

    It's really funny that Lord of Time isn't a benefit of VIP to blitz circuit quest within a minute or end blitz cd for things like crypts and sylph expedition.


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      what is max number of mystery shop purchases no matter VIp or no VIP, does someone happen to know?
      3. For both.


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        The only real benefit of VIP is the astral thing. It really saves on your time and mouse wear and tear. Even that is negated by the smarter autoclickers out there.

        Given the incredible amount of honour being thrown your way these days, and the fact that BG really only gives you 5 dev these days, the loss of honour thing is a wash. I can't even remember the last time I did BG. No point to it. I got to the last honour rank without needing to massacre people in BG. In fact, my total number of BG kills don't even afford me the old titles, let alone the bunch of new ones.

        As for everything else, the OP is right. And taking away stuff that we paid for without consultation is grounds for a lawsuit.


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          I agree..we still pay for these VIP chests in dungeons and do not get them. The VIP wheel needs a complete overhaul. A new updated mount would be great, what we have is nothing compared to the new mounts these days. The Panda was good when we all first started way back when 3 years ago. The 20 devo everyday and the VIP tokens we got for that have been stripped from us. Most every thing we pay for to be a VIP has been removed. These need to be put back in or replaced with some thing else of greater value than what we had. What we had was out dated.


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            When I started out on S4 Bretheran Abyss being a VIP was something that was well worth it, but now its almost like the throwing $8.00 a month down the toilet, the VIP chests that were in each MPD dungeon is gone-which afforded either loids or legend stones-even if it was just 1 it was worth spending the kyanite for it. Now we don't even get that-The daily VIP devo where u would get at least 5 to 10 vip tokens has been missing since this patch and its starting to show its effects-I was always able to have at least one full spin (36 VIP tokens) once a week but now its becoming harder and harder to do this simple way of getting 500k gold.
            Another thing about the VIP wheel-please remove the luck stones from it and replace them with something different or new. Its really silly that a level 5 luck stone be called a "reward" now maybe if you would give say 5 or 10 level 5 luck stones that would be worth it.

            I really doubt R2 games would go bankrupt if they added more to the vip wheel and give us back some perks that have not been updated since I started back on S4 (over 3 years now-btw) so yeah come on devs give us a break and fix this for us please.
            Thank you