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  • Block gems

    Knight lev 80 and was think of switching out my 4 crit gems and use block know that I raised my crit with Sumer gods astro along with sniper astro .but no knight I see on my server use block gems and would like too know if there is a reason .or just stay with crit gems or maybe go too all p def and m def thanks for your info

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    i guess it depends on your position in game. pvp wise, block might be better if you are weaker compared to your enemies. stronger enemies deal higher dmg, when you have block you dodge certain dmg (i think 30%). so if you get big hits in pvp block might be better instead of def because 30% is higher than the dmg reduction of def. block itself is also universal counting for both mdef as pdef.
    if you're stronger than most players you might stick to def as he 30% is very little as you get low dmg already.

    i guess it's more of a matter of preference


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      That's odd, I don't know why no knights on your server would have block gems. Most high-level knights on mine use at least a few.

      I know some people are abandoning block due to the high penetration stat that most people just got, but in pve blocking is still really useful. Far more than a little extra defense in most cases.

      So in pvp, block has been devalued a bit, and that may influence people's decisions on whether to go build up block or not.


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        The 3k hp cap for a block would be part of it aswell along with the penetration still worth it imo and even more so down the track when the block heal gets decapped