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  • group arena rewards

    pls explain

    when i get

    insignia x16(card bonus +3)

    it means i get 16, not 16+3?

    also how does it work, i get different rewards sometimes. even league points vary
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    I can explain this actually. When you win or lose there is a set amount of insignias that you get. For a win it is 30 and for a loss it is 13. You fight in a team of four people.

    Now here's where I will try to not confuse you. If people have the card system set for the arena completed (that little blue playing card icon in your backpack) they get a bonus +3 for win or lose. This would make it 30+3 or 13+3. But that's if you are the leader.

    If your leader has a completed card set and you have a completed card set and you are the second in the party you would get his bonus and your bonus making it a +6.

    *thinks* As long as the person/persons in front of you have a bonus that will roll down to you. So if two of the three people in front of you (and you are the last team member in slot 4) have the card set completed you would get 39 for a win. 30+9. For a loss it would be 13+9 for a 21.

    In this screen shot, all the people in front of me have the card bonus:

    So even though it still reads a +3 you will get the card bonus for every person who has it in front of you.

    I do not know if/how this affects league points.. I simply know that it effects the insignias bonus.. I have never been able to figure out those wonky league points and for that I am sorry.

    if you need any further clarification on the card bonus and how it works just reply and let me know
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