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Sylphs question manual to take time or seal?

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  • Sylphs question manual to take time or seal?

    is it better to have a seal of a evolved sylph or doing it manual which will have better stats or the same ?
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    Stat in the end will be the same, the "advantage" of having an evolved white seal is that u won't have to use 1k sand and 10 star and 5m gold to evolve it which for some is nothing and for other is a lot, up to u, i won't bother farming 3 amazon sylph to get a cerberus seal.


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      A lot of players already have more star tear shards than they can ever use, and/or have already invested mahra or sepulcrum into an unevolved sylph. For them, better to evolve directly, but if that doesn't apply to you, might as well pick up the already-evolved seal.


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        As long as u haven't invested alot of mahra and sepulcrum in a sylph, just get the evolved version, otherwise just wait to evolve it manually
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          consider also skills invested.
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