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Possible solution for massive lag in game

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  • Possible solution for massive lag in game

    I figured I would post this here first, and let some players from across the platform spectrum comment on it before it gets moved over to suggestions just to see if it worked for more than just me.

    I discovered it while fighting our Guild Beast last night. I always play using the Full Screen option provided in-game, from the upper left corner. For the past 6 months, or more, lag has been a daily fact of life. No longer am I able to refresh the game to get a 30 minute reprieve while I run an mpd or other event. Clear cache, clear flash cache. Yeah, daily. no bueno. Just have to deal with slo-motion fights and out-of-sequence attacks. and yes, my flash is up-to-date.

    So, just as I start a round fighting the monotonous Guild Beast, I go black screen. So I refresh. when I get back on, I'm still in the fight. I'm in the half-screen mode the game starts you in. Luckily, I AFK this, so my champ is still attacking, and he's attacking super-fast. Like fast you see in the videos of players with no lag. My tired eyes openned a bit at this, then I died. So I begin another attack, still in half-screen. My guy is going at it like he's The Flash. Curious, I go fill screen for the next one, and I'm running through quicksand again, figting in a John Woo movie. I go half screen for the next, and back to super-speed.

    could it be soo simple a solution? I tried F11 full screen, but that isn't much different than half-screen.
    So, I put it to you, the players, to experiment. It's not a perfect fix, as the little doorway to exit out of some events and functions is covered by the right border of the screen. and Wilds is horrible to look at in half-screen if you are random searching. and battles are awkward with the left and right edges cropped. So, can we find a solution? maybe resolution, screen size, zoom? PLay with it and see what we can come up with.

    and maybe in the meantime, the programmers can take a look at that full-screen tab. maybe they can see something in there that doesn't belong?
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    I always play in the "small window" function, except for wild searching, maps, maybe something else. I play on client tho, sounds like you are playing on browser?

    While the loading screen is up when logging in I press the... don't know the name of the key so I'll call it "right-click mouse with keyboard-key", and change quality to low, also seems to help.


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      yeah. I use chrome on open web version. I dont trust the mini client
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        Shrinking the area it has to render does help for me, although I don't know why combat would be any slower in full screen than regular, since the combat window is always the same size for me. In crowded areas, I have used the browser zoom-out function to shrink the display pane down, and that can make it runnable on my old laptop.


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          Just hide all other players unless in a party. In pvp only show enemy players. This alone would fix so much lag.


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            Originally posted by JeffExtreme View Post
            Just hide all other players unless in a party. In pvp only show enemy players. This alone would fix so much lag.
            i do that naturally. doesn't work for me, but I guess it helps.

            I've also had an issue where after a battle in the wilds, it takes 45 seconds or so to reload the map. Going half-screen solves that issue too, along with doubling my move speed on there, too.
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