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Needs some more depth and variety

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  • Needs some more depth and variety

    For a couple of weeks I thought this was a great game then the mid to late 30s hit and it just became a grind. There are a good number of things to do from farming, dailies, bounty quests, dungeons, bgs, arena, world bosses, catacombs, devotion, astrals, guild skills etc unfortunately it's extremely time consuming and at the same time mind numbingly repetitive. The bgs and team arena rarely produce the type of close matches that make the pvp aspect of the game fun, and the instances are so basic with so little exp gain I find myself doing the level 5 worg lair just to get the daily quest completed quickly.

    No offense to the people who really enjoy it, but I'm guessing more people would be tempted to spend money if they could find a way to balance out the pvp and add some team play into the game. Adding a couple of different skill trees to encourage different builds would add some variety to the characters. Despite all the things there are too do, none of them are particularly challenging outside of investing time or money. As is I got to the Void and just dont have enough interest to find out what happens next.