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Devotion 700 and need one Merchat!!!

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  • Devotion 700 and need one Merchat!!!

    Hy everyone!

    I would like to suggest a small desire of mine and the other members of my group ...

    I wish therefore of the Staff in this game,to make a devotion 700...because many people are over 700 and it's a sucks.

    I want something else,but I do not know if you can so..I want to a Merchat for parts certain things. for example:exchange any shards,buy gold,
    buy vouchers,buy diamonds,etc..need one!

    We expected proposals and we hope to solve!

    Signed GikaRO-s754-guild(Heaven),the strongest guild after servers

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    Erm, this isn't Wartune, is it...? Wartune devotion only goes to 100, and Wartune doesn't have Diamonds So let me know what game this is and the mods will move the thread for you.
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