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    I think the guilds should be expanded to offer better worth while positions. Cause right now, we have Member, Guild Officer, Assistant Guild Master, and Guild Master.
    Member can only Learn Skill
    Guild Officer can do Learn Skill, Recruit Member, an Kick Member
    Assistant Guild Master can Learn Skill, Recruit Member, Kick Member, Change Announcement, Promote/Demote Member, and Research Skill.
    And of course Guild Master can do everything else (Change Guild Name, Upgrade Guild, Modify Guild Intro, an Start Guild Battle).

    I dunno what the names should be, and how many should be added, but the newer ranks would also do good with some more Guild Options. Like for instance, Assistant GM should be given the option to upgrade the buildings an modify the Guild Intro.
    But some more options that would help a lot of guilds would be a member tax that can be set by the Guild Master to ensure that at least the daily wealth needed from all members is in. So 1 wealth equals 1k gold, the minimum tax should be 5k(5 Wealth) whereas the max should be 60k (60 Wealth) per member - also to make things fair, this would also affect the GM as well (The tax levels could also be upgraded but would affect only certain leveled members so as to not create an imbalance, like say lv20 makes 20k an hr, but a lv40 makes 120k hr, if all members regardless of their level was taxed the same amount per upgrade of the tax, it could cause members to leave cause of their lack of funds - just a precausion to be added is all).
    This tax would also help guilds better prepare for the weekly guild fee that is taken away from every guild. Plus, besides merely being able to use Wealth for upgrades, buying stuff from Guild shop, using Altar, Learn and Research Skills, I also propose a special benefit to Guild Masters, a shop that is meant only for Guild Masters but in order to buy anything, they need to spend wealth to get it - the stuff the GMs could get from this shop would be GM required gear to present a special edge, an would seriously help them in the upcoming Guild Wars when the 1.45 patch comes in.
    Of course, the only thing that would make them unusable is IF the GM decided to either change leadership or get demoted by the built in vote system (This is already in the game: if a GM is offline for too long, a vote will happen to decide who will be the GM's successor, can't remember the rest of the rules tho).

    Thats all I got for this idea, I'll make this into a Poll, also if you don't like it or think something else should be added, please post your input. An note that I am not a Guild Master of any Guild, I am suggesting these ideas to really just make the game (hopefully) more interesting.
    I like it all
    I like some of it
    Most of them I don't like
    NO NO and NO!!
    Hear My Voice & FEEL MY WRATH!!

    Sarcasm is a language I am fluent in, you have been warned!

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    i think having taxes aren't needed coz just doing dailies will get you 40 wealth if you finish shadow crystal quest then it gets you 60 wealth.. about the edge of GuildMasters i dont think so.. because that would make everybody wants to make a guild.. and using the guild's wealth for it is just not good.. maybe their own "Contribution" but not the guild's wealth.. well just my 2 cents..
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      Yea have to agree about the GM only shop...not good at all. Its bad enough that a grp of players have an advantage that can't be overcome no matter how skilled you are at this game...there doesn't need to be another.

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