We have some events like Bloody Inferno, Guild Beast, Dragon Invasion, and a few other ones that make us consume so much HP that we tend to
buy a lot of HP potions.

Since we need to buy several each time, since most players are 300k+ HP, why not make it that you can choose the number of potions you want to buy
right away when purchasing them? Open the HP window, and choose either Minor, Moderate, or Major HP Potion and selection the number of HP potions you
would like to purchase and how much gold it would cost to make it easier.

Ex. Press Moderate, select 10 amount, and it says for the price 450k gold.

Since R2 came up with a 4th page that costs balens per month, why not make another window of inventory in the Guild Vault and rent that space out
for 100-200 balens per month as well, and if there are items still in the vault when the timer expires, the items go to your mail, just like when you
leave a guild and you had items in the vault.