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Is this how the bgs are supposed to remain?

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  • 269k at lv 69? Geez Louise. I wasn't half that when I was that level......actually probably closer to 1/4 of that. Life was different when there was no sylphs rofl.
    Name: Phoenixia
    Server: R2 S-319
    Class: Mage
    BR: 911k
    Last CW Ranking: Didn't participate
    Cupcakes? R2 can keep them, I want rumcakes.


    • Can you change the matching of the ranks for when you enter battleground for us its bad that when i enter a battleground at lvl 61 im in there with lvl 80+s with over 200k br what the hell i understand the differality but this makes no sense even when i was at lvl 30 i was still in battleground with 80s. The question is why? Why not match the people who enter battlegrounds with players closer around the same lvl at least like lvls 20-30, 40-50,50-60. jus saying it might help stop all the crie babys from crying n a massive amount of drama.

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      • personally this late into the game theres only one real way to make this work ( going to get alot of hate for this but bring it )
        step 1 every kill you get also gives u 1k xp aswell as normal honour etc rewards (can proberly see where this is going already)

        step 2 change the lvl caps for honour and make it so once u hit your honour cap u can not enter bg till you lvl up enough to enter the next bracket ideas are as followed

        lvl 30 would be the cap for crusader once u got crusader ud have to enter the 35-39 bgs
        lvl39 for knight crusader
        etc etc
        then for the final rank in honour ud only be able to obtain this in the lvl 80 advanced bg

        yes you could still camp like crazy people but it would make bg's a much better place in my eyes would stop the lvl 80's ur seeing in ur bg's (maybe depending on there honour ranks ) would make the bgs a nicer place to people from new servers ( entering a lvl 30 bg and seeing someone on the other team with grim reeper title isnt much fun)

        and dont think im doing this because i cant get anywhere in bg's im 470k br and can honour cap without a dubble honour scroll in 2 lvl 80 advanced bg's


        • Originally posted by Dragonlord15 View Post
          Campers dont have the equipment and insane br advantages like the advanced 80s . Dunno why u guys even compare campers with advanced 80s in a 69 bg.
          That is simple. We compare level campers to 80s because that is what you are like to the newer players just entering the bracket. Don't believe me? Think about it. The newer players entering the bracket generally have the lower level armor set, so inferior equipment (exception being those who buy armor set and campers who decide to level; they often have crystaloids and legendary stones saved up and may well have full set ready to go by the time they choose to level up) . They haven't been playing as long, so worse astrals. They are at the bottom of the bracket, so lower holy seal. With the reduction in xp needed to level up, some campers have holy seal levels that are impossible for newer players to attain in that level bracket. They haven't had sky trail available for long, so inferior sylph unless cashed. Sounds to me like campers at the top of the level bracket have quite a few unfair advantages.

          I am an older player; old enough to remember what battle grounds was like before cross server. There used to be only 2 brackets: below 40 and above 40. It sucked being thrown into fights with people 15+ levels higher and with better gear than me, but I knew that I could level up, get that gear too, and have a shot at beating them. Nobody on my server level camped back then; it was seen as stupid because the real benefit was in getting the 55 set so you could compete.

          Then the devs changed the rules on us and made it cross server. I met my first level camper; some guy farming in our spawn who had been that level longer than I'd been playing the game. He was a total jerk, spam killing people and trolling the whole time. And, he wasn't the only one. It wasn't just one level camper, it was nearly 1/2 of both teams were level campers doing nothing but spawn camping and trolling. They avoided each other; didn't want good fights, just easy kills. That colors my perception of most level campers. I know some are goal oriented; not parking forever, but staying long enough to meet their goal then moving on. Others really are just bullies sitting at lower levels because they can get easy kills and feel strong without taking out a second mortgage on their home. In general, I see most level campers as bullies hiding at lower level for easier wins. Not all are that way, but many are. I have little sympathy for campers complaining about having to fight higher levels.

          Most of the people reading this thread see you as a bully getting a taste of your own medicine. Your statements that you know you're nerfing yourself but do it because you like the PvP supports that perception. That is why people call you a hypocrite and its why you're not finding many sympathetic readers.

          Your statement that you call it unfair because you don't have access to the same gear, etc as the 80s is silly. You do have access and your access to it is the same as everyone else's access to it: level up to 80. If you want to continue being the bully camper, do the same as that advanced class in your screenshot. Hit level 80, advance, get that gear you so covet, and avoid completing the quest. The devs changed the rules on you; 69 is no longer top of the bracket. So adapt. Don't complete the quest to move on to fire temple, become an advanced 80, and farm those 60s.


          • Originally posted by NecroDeath4 View Post
            I don't see how camping make a person a "bully." What happens when one gets to lv80, are the cashers w/ 700-900k br the "bullies" then? Of course not.

            I have met many slow levelers and a majority of them are friendly: they do not camp, try to let ppl cart before killing them, and try not to kill the same person repeatedly. Sure there are a few jerks, but there are also jerks among the 700-900k br lv80s, so I don't see why ppl hate campers so much.
            Camping doesn't make a person a bully, but there is a strong perception of bullying associated with it. What are the benefits of camping? There are a couple. It gives you a chance to prepare for the next level bracket. Wartune pushes you to level faster than you can get your armor set, so deliberately slowing down your leveling to get your BR up to speed isn't unreasonable. The other benefit is dominating in PvP.

            This is the part that makes people see campers as bullies. Most of us higher levels have had to deal with level campers on our way up to the top. We don't remember the campers who weren't jerks because they didn't stand out as anything other than that surprisingly strong guy you ran into and now plan to avoid. Its the jerks we remember. We remember the ones who camped our spawn, spam killed the weaker players, whined when strong cashers owned them, and tended to be trolls as well. When we hear the term "camper", those jerks are often what comes to mind.

            There are campers on my server who are wonderful people; very helpful, especially with arena runs. Some of them hate bullies in bg and are the avengers that chase down and thrash the jerks. I've seen the 60s on my server and if they are representative of the bgs at large, you have everything from 39k toons to toons over 400k BR with golden sylphs in those bgs (note: our monster 69 just recently went to 70 and intends to go to 80; he sees no point in nerfing himself by staying lower level too long).

            To make a short story long, camping does not make a person a bully. It is the way the person behaves that decides that. Camping merely makes one look more like a bully because many do it for the PvP. Many see that as admitting you avoid leveling because you want to stomp noobs.