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To All Level 2 and 3 Guilds and Guild Masters

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  • To All Level 2 and 3 Guilds and Guild Masters

    To everyone playing in every server, i bid you hello.
    My name is Drayven and i play on S36 the Gravyard.
    I'm guild master for ^Element6^.

    Now to the heart of the matter. We're a level 3 guild with 11 members. Most of the level 2's and 3's in all the older servers are probably near that. Some may have more, some may have less, none of that matters though. What matters is in order to even catch a glimpse of Guild wars, we are gonna have to be a level 6 or higher guild. The only way for any of us lower level guilds to do that is to merge. I've talked it over with the people in my guild and they agree. We are willing to merge with any guilds that wanna band to become stronger. The Guild name really does not matter, only that everyone agrees. I also call for a share of power among the guild leaders who merge with us.(what i mean is if you disband your guild and merge in mine or vice versa, each week, we pass the rank of guild master back and forth btwn us.)We would also need to make it to where at least 1 of our assistants stay asstants, while the rest become officers or members.So if one guild merges with us, that means there would be 1 asst for me, 1 assistant for you. we'd cap the officers off at a number yet to be agreed upon.However, we will not switch servers, you would have to come to the Graveyard(EST).Sorry, i'm willing to move, but none of my members are, so i will stay here also.

    Yours in Kind Regards

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    Ask around in your server. I'm certain if you're thinking about the upcoming patch release so are they.
    Fluxie (Flux)
    Assistant G.M. of Avalon