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Suggestion on Quest Items for Events, etc.

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  • Suggestion on Quest Items for Events, etc.

    I understand the need to mix it up, but is it really necessary to go through the whole friggin Clown Anatomy? Should we be expecting an easter bunny event that goes through the furry egg fanatic's whole anatomy as well? Why not throw in Manbearpig with a snort as well?

    I say put a stop to this nonsense. 2-3 different quest items I can understand since you don't want to make it easy for someone to get everything, but the event is getting ridiculous now. Many of us like to hang on to the items until near the end of the event and decide what we need to get from them. However, with this current format, its requiring us to have more inventory space open. And remove the BOUND/UNBOUND designation for items. This is stupid having two versons of the same item when there is no need for it, regardless of whether or not R2 intends to allow us to trade the items in game later on down the road(I hope not).

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    I think this might be because people complain "non-cashers have no chance to get enough event chests for the good prices". Now they can overload us with 500 chests, but each with a chance of 3-4 items for exchange. so in THEORY, we have a chance to get a mount for 200+ event items, but we really don't.


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      I liked the previous system where they had only one chest at a time, which you could get for free and for cash too.

      But one thing is good with these: you can decide to open the chest or exchange it. So if you forgot to exchange it (happened to me with like 100 7pages ) you can at least open it later.
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