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Blacklisted button should block mailbox as well

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  • Blacklisted button should block mailbox as well

    For half a year, I had to deal with harassment, even though I had already blacklisted the player. This player was able to harass me with daily **** and murder threats, including detailed animal abuse and threats towards me and my family. Tickets were submitted, of course - yet this person did not get banned, only warned, and was able to continue harassing me by paying 1k gold to send per mail - which he did, multiple times a day.

    Blacklisted button needs to be fixed - so when we blacklist a player, they can not contact us at all.

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    agreed. all their chat functions need an overhaul as well. tired of seeing system events (finish 100 catacomb, won a MTW in altar, etc etc) while in guild or party chat. It makes haveing any sort of conversation of strategy planning impossible.
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