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any rank A-D tips for sky trails?

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  • any rank A-D tips for sky trails?

    it's kinda hard to do a non-S rank attempt that doesnt take a long time.

    any tips? im a mage
    Level 49 Archer
    BR 150k

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    Well, damage dealt to troops adds up to your thingy, so if you take little to no damage but your troops take a lot it can lower your score (kept from S rank few months back until I took troops off lol), having bad res so you take a lot of damage (but still can kill boss) works too, more damage you take more potential of not S ranking you have. Don't save sylph delphic for last overkill attack too.


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      The matter of Fact is everything takes a long time to do if u no time this game not for u....

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        Originally posted by kevs926 View Post
        it's kinda hard to do a non-S rank attempt that doesnt take a long time.

        any tips? im a mage
        I try to go in buffed up as possible if its a harder boss level. I try to have my resistance as high as possible from gems and dimension maps as well. Sometimes you have to go ball to the wall power attacks because some bosses won't give the chance to play a heal card.. so if you have say a Hades you can heal and attack at the same time.

        Also what pet/pets are you running as that can make a difference as well.

        The more information we have on your build the easier time we will have in helping you, especially if we know what level/boss you are attempting to get the mark on.
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          Why would you want to bother with Sky Trail if you're not looking to beat the next level or get S rank? The rewards are pitiful after the first time - the gold probably doesn't even cover the hp you use in the fight, and the xp is pretty minimal.

          But since you're a mage, your best bet is to pick the one that will do a lot of damage you can heal and still win, I guess. It will vary so much depending on your strength I can't pick any particular one as a good choice.