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Server 81 merge request, que system suggestion

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  • Server 81 merge request, que system suggestion

    I am from server 81, we are already merged with 76, 77, 83, 85, 88, and 93. The population has diminished to the point where it is nearly impossible to form a group at night. Please server merge us again.

    The fundamental flaw with this game is the limited multiplayer daily attempts. It artificially reduces the amount of people capable of helping because a percentage of the already small population has already reached their limit. This isn't like World of Warcraft with millions of players so why tie our hands like this??

    Another issue is that there should be a "Que" system where a HOST can form a group with specific class/lvl/br requirements and walk away until that request fills.. Then other players that seek to JOIN that mpd/evnt can surf a list of hosted ques and join one they meet the requirements of. When the group fills then they automatically spawn into the lobby at that point.... Otherwise we are forced to SPAM like morons yet we are also limited with 10 bullhorns a day. The current system makes no sense to me.

    Please analyze the number of daily active logins and determine if our server needs another merge please! If not then even more people will start to quit as they are literally wasting time attempting to form groups. Thanks
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    r2 servers wont take the que system as it will just cause data overload. this isnt call of duty u know lol


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      Are you a developer? Oh youre not and just making an ASSumption? Gotcha.

      I have played several RPGs with a que system. The way Call of Duty does it is totally unrelated. Duty forces you to be in the lobby, however I am suggesting we can do other activities until a que request fills.

      I have experience with programming and do not see how it would overload the server kid. If anything it would reduce the data by not having to maintain physical rooms. It simply is a way to virtually gather before actually joining the room


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        Anyways the Que Suggestion is a side note to help mitigate the issue of slow partying times (when I first made the post it was after spaming for an Hour without a single person joining)... If our server had another merge it wouldn't be direly needed as much.

        It's to the point where we NEVER have enough for full Atoll Boss participation regardless of the time of day, at most there will be 3 teams and typically only 1 casher team plus one random team.

        Sucks that we need a merge though because it typically causes chaos amongst the guilds but at this point we simply need a bigger community.


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          There are threads for this sort of thing actually. Have you tried posting this request there. if you look in this forums section right at the top are the lists for Oceanic, East, West and European server merge requests. it may help to get better noticed there as other threads tend to get pushed down, quickly.
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            Thanks mentor ill do that. I probably should have also mentioned im Kabam Westcoast server