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Yes Another CS GB thread ( missing rewards)

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  • Yes Another CS GB thread ( missing rewards)

    sent a ticket in on sunday

    Contents: Our guild has just won cross server guild battle and finished in 32nd place, according to the finals list rewards we should be placed in the bracket 26-50th and get 6000 kings seals. we have only recieved 4000, so would like to be compensated for the 2000 missing kings seal please. please find attached a screen shot of your mistake. thnx in advance.

    GM: Hello Player, Thank you for submitting you issue report. We must ask you to be patient with us. This is at the forefront of our minds and we can assure you that we are doing whatever we can to get this issue resolved in a timely manner. Again we thank you for your report but we must ask you to sit tight. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you in the meantime. The R2Games Team

    Reply: when will we get compensated for this as cs gb shop closes soon??

    GM: Hello, Thank you for your ticket. However I can see that your guild ranking is 32nd in Iron Group. There are Diamond (Top 1-8), Gold (Top 9-16), and Silver (Top 17-24) in front of you, so your guild's actual ranking should be 56th. If there is anything else that we are not understandable please feel free to reply.

    Click image for larger version

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    As you can see we finished 32nd and should get 6000 seals not 4000. how they figure we are 56 i have no idea, some 1 care to explain ?
    Shadow Vale

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    Rank 32 iron league = 56 overall.

    Diamond 8 guilds.

    Gold 8 guilds.

    Silver 8 guilds.

    Iron 32 guilds.

    8+8+8+32= 56
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