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Suggestion / Idea for merger

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  • Suggestion / Idea for merger

    hi guys, this is not a merger request more of a different outlook on the issue. ok, so far we all think that R2 devs are going off of how many people are online. here's what i'd like to point out. yes those servers may have the right number but does not mean all those people are active players in the game. there are lots of servers that been requesting mergers for months at a time. mine is one of them its not that these servers are dead but the active players just coming online and AFKing all day waiting for main events. the other people online doing runs are a mix of long time players and newcomers now this number is my guess is an odd number meaning there are not enough older players to run with each other and newer people to do there runs with each other. we all know only a few people are will to help those stilling needing runs and most of the time don't get them done because of this problem. Id like to go into an mp room and set up a spire run and not have to wait 4 hours for someone to come or spam WC and pm people for a run and still not get one

    things that should be kept track of: number of people doing all multiplayer dungeons , Arena, cross server guild battle, guild battle, atoll boss, W b, battlegrounds.

    instead of looking at one mass number break that number down and see who your active players are and who the daily AFKers are.

    see who has two accounts meaning that you took an account over after someone left. check the IPs if one person as an account from one IP than another from across the world than those accounts need to be counted as one user.

    now this problem is effecting the game. we request a merger and not get one because of a false number.
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