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  • New hot events

    Wow, how great not really they have been getting worse and worse

    come on r2 and the developer of this game try to do better

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    I know the hot events won't always be to everyone's tastes or likes.. I wonder.. what would your suggestions be for a hot event or events? it's nice to get feedback from the players on their thoughts and ideas because you never know if or when someone higher up is looking and reading
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      Events for having something like: a certain level mount, certain level gear (without synthesis restriction), having a certain honor level, more unlimited events involving crystals, a shadow crystal exchange, legendary stone exchange (exchange x-amount of level legendary stone for legendary stone(s) of another level), events where bound balens can be used, guild contribution events and or events that are ongoing that offer rewards for reaching certain achievements.


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        mount hoof exchange
        dragon essence exchange
        star sand/tear exchange
        vulcan stove for hammer exchange
        fate stone exchange
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          The hot events over the last few weeks have been...uninspired at best, insipid at worst. The event items themselves have royally sucked too. Only gold as rewards from most events are useless to 99.9% of the players on my server. We aren't asking for free soul seals or vulcans hammers or anything (though that would be nice), but even gem packs would be far preferable.
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            i would have some of the material people need to make their gear legendary, I for one am having a hard time getting what i need. Would have an event where getting a more advanced sylph wouldnt be really hard. Not a lot of us drop money into the game to be able to get them. You guys could also have in the hot events where you can get rare mount cards, or ones that are harder to get..