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    Please people, try to stay on topic. This way, it will be easier for people who use the search function to find their answers

    Q: Do Fangs of Fear transfer from guild to guild? Or do they disappear like contribution?

    A: Yes they are transferrable

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      Thank you Wraithraiser for telling the truth

      Originally posted by Wraithraiser View Post
      Why misinform people?

      Fangs are on your profile inventory page (with insigs an other items) and they are permanent. I've been kicked many times for bags an never remembered to spend fangs, nor ever lost them.


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        Originally posted by Mentor_Magik View Post
        Since I see differing opinions on this, I have asked a boss. I personally have never played the musical guilds game so I can not personally say yes or no. I have not yet gotten the official word but will keep trying so any doubts can be laid to rest either way, officially. I do know for sure if you purchase developing potions, those will not go anywhere, as for fangs.. the official words still out.

        why the Cupcakes u reply in every post when u say by urself thtat uknow nothing??!!!!
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          Originally posted by KARNO123 View Post
          why the cupcake u reply in every post when u say by urself thtat uknow nothing??!!!!
          most the time it's just a repeat of what someone else already said. And it's not so much playing the "musical guilds game", but it's managing inventory. Anyone who's spent significant time playing this game would know that.