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  • Transposers

    I am just about fed up with the luck it takes to get transposers in this game. I've done Necro 70+ times and still not gotten transposer for lvl 11 gems. Been trying for months and only just recently got my first lvl 10. My suggestion is leave chance at the level they are now, but either:
    A) add 5 times the chance on the next reward, so say 1% chance to get lvl 10 transposer if you beat round 15, but also 5% chance to get lvl 9 transposer.


    B) when you pass round 20, 1% chance to get lvl 11 + 1% chance to get lvl 10 + 1% chance to get lvl 9, so in theory you could get all 3 just by beating lvl 20. That way if I'm beating lvl 30, then I have 5 chances to get a lvl 9 transposer, 4 chances to get lvl 10, 3 chances to get lvl 11, and 2 chances to get lvl 12.

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    Yup totally agreed

    I've been running necro for a long time now, still have yet to get lvl 10 gem transposer lmao, Here I am running around with lvl 9 gems for forever it seems while others have lvl 12


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      how to get gems transporter levels 10.saya already spent crypt key 500 and there is no result


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        Today I got level 9 charisma transposer... fail lol


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          know how you feel we all been trying for months m8 just hang in there you will get them eventually. try doing them once every other day not day after day you'll have better luck that way.
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