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Automatic Pick Up (Hall of Heroes)

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  • Automatic Pick Up (Hall of Heroes)

    Hello everyone,

    SO! I am suggesting having the creators of the game make a patch/update that will automatically pick up drops from Chieftains or defeated summoners! Why? Because I have lost crystalloids a countless number of times because people are way too impatient to let me retrieve my drop before they want to fight the boss. I hope everyone finds this reasonable and to be more specific so there are no misunderstandings...

    Drops that you have killed! Not drops as in the chests or pandora's box because those are opened by choice!

    I hope people can agree with me! Please make this "popular" so this can happen, thanks

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    I think this would definitely be a great improvement. This same thing has happened to me a few times now (though to be honest, I'm usually more worried about Shadow Crystals since they're used for a quest that gives a lot of EXP).

    The only problem is inventory space. Unless you're someone who can spend a lot of Balens or Vouchers, you may not have much inventory space and you might miss out on picking up some more valuable items. However, now that I think about that some more, perhaps any items that you can't carry could be sent to you via PM, kind of like what happens when you have a full inventory and you accept a reward at the end of a campaign.
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