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Obtaining skeleton keys

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  • Obtaining skeleton keys

    Besides a player can randomly get skeletons from daily activities, what are other options that we can get skeleton keys from?
    I'm saving them for legendary set from Roaming Summoner in MPD.

    Thanks in advance.

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    once there were boxes that drops from cata,mpd, and spd. those box have chance of containing skel key. that's my biggest source of em. Vip weekly gift pack i think also gives them. If you have lvl 30 fish, u can claim vip weekly gifts
    Level 49 Archer
    BR 150k


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      I get a bunch from the dimensional war daily rewards bags, far more than I can even use. Even a couple of basics should be 2 or 3 keys a day on average. You may not be high enough level yet for that though.

      If you have VIP, the tokens can give you a lot of them too - easily 5 keys for every 36 tokens, minimum 10 keys per week if you log in daily, plus you get other nice stuff. You probably can't reach level 30 fishing in time to get the benefit of keys though, unless you are a really slow leveler. If you don't want to buy if every month, you can save VIP tokens and then pick up VIP when you have a lot and use them all at once. Or hope that Underground Palace comes back and you get lucky with a VIP card.