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Socket rods Issue

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  • Socket rods Issue

    Hello, so 16 days have passed while I blitzed campaigns every day, using skeleton keys to open chests but didn't get not even 1 single socket rod, was just wondering if they are still one of the rewards from the mystery chests?

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    never was.
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      Get socket rods from guild altar. You should get one every other day or so.
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        Originally posted by jbyram2 View Post
        Get socket rods from guild altar. You should get one every other day or so.
        I wish I would get one every other day from doing guild blessing. I do all 30 every day and I will go weeks or more without getting one. I can't remember the last time I got one. Just like everything else, they seemed to nerf the drop rates of them too.

        To the OP, as far as I know, you do not get socketing rods from mystery chests.


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          dimension give them

          open as many chests as possible, only pink ones i think.
          Level 49 Archer
          BR 150k


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            The only dungeon chest that has ever dropped socketing rods, at least to my knowledge, is the one in the bonus area in the void (40-45 mpd). They are generally pretty common from guild altar, and I get a few from dimensions as well, but I'm not really sure how many these days, since I haven't needed any in so long.

            For a while I was getting them from guild altar constantly, but I do think the drop rate has gone back down.


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              guild altar and they also randomly drop in dimensions. Just keep at those and you'll see them eventually.
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