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  • mount upgrede bonus

    i just in and saw new events on ,and goes to mount upgrede bonus see all rewards r redemed. but i dont redem it.pls any moderater help me.Click image for larger version

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    ARCHE wht is slow leveling?
    when u hope that u and u tank will be same lv.

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    In your dream, you can redeem it just one time since you play Wartune,....



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      Please read forum thread in General Discussion titled "Stable Event (Claim or not claim)".

      Short answer, you have claimed a previous incarnation of the Mount upgrade bonus event, this type of event is supposed to be a once off claim.
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        arche you collected it before
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          and please do not hint at the fact that older players got 22,000 free whips due to this event being bugged twice in a row, and the newer players are expected to purchase their way out of that hole. ... and definitely do not mention how it happened back when the whip events gave 5 soul crystals, 1 whip and 1 gem pack for every 5 whips used.
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