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Question: sylphs for Sylph Arena

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  • Question: sylphs for Sylph Arena

    Hi, I'm new to sylph arena, haven't played this game for 2 years now everything seems different.

    What is your suggestion for a team sylph for sylph arena?

    Is Medusa or Athena better for sylph arena?

    Thanks a lot.

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    With this version of sylph arena you can not loose points only gain them, with that reason alone place my best three Sylphs into the mix.
    My healer (Iris/Triton/Poseidon) has been the only exception to the rule, when it was close in BR to another I would switch it out when attacking for survive-ability.
    Other people may delve into the nuts n bolts of this sylph type is better than that sylph type, but for me I select the team, select the highest point battle I can get, double check it is not a 360k br sylph team then go into battle.
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