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Suggestion: Mount Hoof and Dragon Essence Exchange

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  • Suggestion: Mount Hoof and Dragon Essence Exchange

    Mount Hoofs and Dragon Essence are now entirely useless for me. They are entirely useless for most of my guild. They don't stack above 999 and only sell for 1 gold each. The only point of Dragon Invasion for most people now is for the gold.

    After some thought and talking with some other guildies, we've come to a collective agreement that an exchange would be nice. Even if it's for gold or daru, it's far preferable to dumping them out. It would also clear some much needed inventory as well as give some people another reason to do DI instead of avoid it due to inventory issues.
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    I did find the same trouble with the dragon essences, would be nice if R2 add an exchange with this item, gold , daru or better HP potions, because guild beast consume much HP.
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      While new mounts are released often we never know if there will be additions to the dragon soul system or not. I thank you for the suggestion and hope they will give it consideration for if not an exchange at some point maybe a 9999 stackable as they can get very space consuming indeed.
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        The Chinese server have still the same level for dragonsoul system. And they are much patches further away from us.....
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          well don't think any event like that will be coming out any time soon :/ I would just sell or put in guild chest leave guild than they'd be in mail box for 30 days only thing you can do for now
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            many items are not usefull when being at max like socket rods, lucky stones for enchanting, Mount hoof, dragons essence, star shards once you evolve all your sylph, fate stones, soul crystals, etc
            it would be nice if we can exchange old items like Souls crystals for Soul seal fate stones for bead of influence and so on 10 for 1 even 100 for 1 would be good and all items should stack to 9999 also.
            with the new patches that are coming soon like the children we will all need some empty spot in inventory

            Please R2 do something about it