[/B]Hello, as we all know, we will never have trade system, there for i suggest an "Echange store", where you can exchange any piece of item to another. For example: i`ve noticed that 1mahra costs 35balens, and 1 mtw(mount traning whip) costs the same (35balens), in the shop we can exhange mahra on mtw and in reverse, equivalent 1 to 1 and, if administration want, by paying small fee in gold/daru or even 1balens or bound balens. That way you can provide those big battle rating people to start playing everything again and this store will free their inventory from unused stuff, that they wont ever need. But then again, this is for any piece of items, including exchange gold for daru, daru on kyanite, crypt tokens on insignia, sylph exp scroll on fate stones, even star sand to bulhorns. Can you please reply on this thread, will you, or will you not think about it. Thank you in advance.

P.S. Note for whole people, please try not make fun of this thread, we all have problems with inventory space, and we need to do something about it not just sell it for 1gold, and some pieces even cant sold.

European S5
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