First off, I'd like to thank the game for giving out level 11 gem scrolls for synthesizing a level 11 gem. That saves me millions of gold per gem.

However, I do think this event could be better if it gives out gem scrolls of a different level, even if the requirement is higher.

For example,
Get a lvl 10 gem scroll for synthesizing 1 lvl 11 or 3 lvl 9,
Get a lvl 11 gem scroll for synthesizing 1 lvl 12 or 2 lvl 10,
Get a lvl 12 gem scroll for synthesizing 2 lvl 11 or 6 lvl 10,
and so forth.

For a lot of people, the hard part is not gold (for gem conversion), but the first & only gem scroll of a certain level. I personally had been stuck at lvl 9 for over 6 months on my main character, and my free accounts are still stuck at lvl 9, which already lasted for over 10 months. Not a lot of people are willing to wait for months, at least not those who care about ranking. It would be better if we have another way to get those gem scrolls other than a random chance that they couldn't control.

Just a little suggestion