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2 short ones.

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  • 2 short ones.

    Two short and easy suggestions.

    1. Allow sylphs to also receive exp when fighting dimension guards. (i mean they too take part in the fights so why not?)

    2. Give BOX packed rewards when claiming clothing event rewards or exchanging sc for gold. *, **, *** (i mean instead of giving 3x3 clothes to take up 9 inventory slots, you could just give 3 boxes as it used to be)

    *PS1. there is no need for you to force us buying extra inventory slots, we are already running out of space with so many materials being added every day... spare us some please...

    **PS2. If i have a row of sc and want to convert them all to gold then i would have to use them all at once, because if not i will have to find 30+ more inventory slots to hold them.
    If the exchange was in gold sacks, i would have saved space instead. And since you already introduced gold sacks... i dont understand why you keep using gold chests.

    ***PS3. I know there is a way to avoid getting those 9 clothes in inventory and instead sending them to mail, but thats not the point here.

    Oh, and just in case someone wants to know how to send rewards to mail its very simple.
    Just drop some items from guild warehouse to inventory until its full or split other items until its full again.
    this way when claiming rewards, will auto go to mail and stay there for 30 days.
    btw if you do that, make sure you have at least 1 of the other items you claiming in your inventory,
    to avoid sending them also in mail. (eg. fashion core, good luck charm, current event box reward)
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    Good suggestion, I could even say something to improve the second one further.

    Allow level 1 cloth to convert to a generic cloth (ie. hat, armor, weapon, wing). And allow these cloth to be stacked. So this way all the lvl 1 cloth junk would take up 4 inventory space instead of hundreds.

    I know its never gonna happen but had to write it down


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      I'm bringing this post again on top to say that the new exp prosperity buff that forces ppl to advance in lvls has a huge error and the reason for writting this in here instead of a new post is because the error falls under the first suggestion here.

      It is ok to have ppl lvl up from 60's to 80's in a day (sort of) with 1000% exp prosperity buff but you forgot the sylphs..... how im i going to lvl up all sylphs if i get 50/100/200k exp from a hot events and bonus 500/1000/2000k from prosperity while sylphs get 0.

      please rethink the system and allow sylphs to gain exp with everything that gives exp on chars.

      PS, if a mod sees this please change title to sylph exp & inv. space (2 short ones) because i cant for some reason
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