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mahra vs sepu

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  • mahra vs sepu

    ffrom a fresh white hercules
    how many adv upgrade clicks u need to get an orange sylph from white?
    and after its orange how many sepu you need to max it?

    so which of em will you need more in total?
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    I dont have the exact numbers, but i suspect that sepulcrum is needed more. This is in part because 1 sepulcrum=1 point, where as mahra has chance at blessings just like mount whips when taining your mount. Also because of the sepulcrum ratio, you have to figure in that you have 4 stats in which you put points. Take a purple Hercules for example, its max stats are as follows: Strength 1011, Armor 4484, Intellect 6269, Endurance 7532. SO if all start from 0, then you will need 19269 sepulcrum.


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      you need like 14k sep to max a purple sylph. also u need like 12.500 mahras to max a purple sylph till orange. (not taking in consideration the 25% event bonus or the 20% blessing u can get)