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  • Items in Inventory ideas

    How about doing away with the bound and unbound and making it all just bound? I highly doubt that you'll ever let us trade items between players or even mail them. So this 2 slots used for 1 kind like legend 70 legstones drops both in its mpds. Same for other levels. With the game sometimes glitching the click and stack it annoys to open guild and bypass that. Even the Soul Crystals and Crystal Shards imo should also go under profile as they waste so much space while players under level 50 don't have a lot of space. I play one player in that under 50 and also my main which is 80.

    Another idea would be for those maxed on Fates, legend stones, etc., Make a new NPC that we could go to and trade those excess items in for gold, mahra, sepuls, etc. I know selling back is an option, but a trading post would be a fun option.

    Add a price to the scrolls for sylph exp please. This make a new sylph and waste scrolls on it when I own all 6 is just annoying. Rayher sell those excess scrolls off than be stuck using on a sylph that gets sacrificed.