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button yo hide 99roses

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  • button yo hide 99roses

    is there anyway you can either make an option to hide the 10 -15 secs of **** that covers the screen when people give 99whatever to another player?

    or just take that feature out of the game, leave the 99 and boosts just drop the screen ****, i dont want to nerf anyones ability to increase friendship ( i never have seen a charm increase)
    its just plain annoying and laggs the game.

    Thank you.

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    would like a button for this too. Very much so. I dont mind ppl sending roses or snowflakes for that matter.. but I do mind when I start to lag in a serious way and die to a monster cause of lag. So button to hide roses please.
    That will be Mrs Ice. Proud female part of the Ice couple on S67 /Kabam


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      That would be an awesome idea. It gets SO frustrating trying to play when there are roses and snowflakes and **** popping up all over the screen all the time. And sometimes there are glitches where the **** happens when you're in Spire, World Boss, or Duels, and then it's VERY distracting and messes with your game in a BIG way.